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Elegant, long or short, without fingers, in leather or in wool, the autumn / winter 2018-2019 gloves presented in the new collections of accessories of the most famous luxury Maison are designed to complete with style casual, sporty or more refined winter looks . Taken even on the catwalk by the most popular fashion houses, the 2018-2019 winter gloves are becoming increasingly bold and modern in style: we give them a close look.
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floriana gloves is a family-run company that passed down through generations the passion and the art of the glove in the traditional artisan neapolitan. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is combined with the attention to detail. Refined style and elegance characterize floriana gloves, making them unique and valuable products
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The glove is an ancient accessory. It appeared immediately in the history of costume. At first time as a tool to protect from cold and to aid in manual labor, up to become a prestige and nobility symbol. Its meaning takes on different values in each historical period. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Lombards used them as a symbol of prestige. In the Middle Ages the gloves had a certain importance in the social rules. In this historical period